Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I chose to explore multiple use of materials, colour and textures to make compositions

Water piece

For our first project at Camberwell we had to create a piece of music using instruments we had made out of scrap materials and various other things that could make interesting sounds. My "band" chose to use the theme of water and created as many different sounds as we could think of using water as our instrument E.g a boiling kettle, dropping a penny in it to hear the splash, setting off an alarm clock under water, blowing bubbles etc. All the sounds were recorded and played alongside each other/overlapped. We had to make a scroll to accompany our piece so we created this using scrap pieces of ripped paper and running ink to appear how you would imagine the sounds to look like. For example circles were printed in scattered areas to represent the bubbles and harsh, scratchy lines, to represent the flow of someone brushing their teeth. We appropriately named our band South Of The River.